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3.  Return is requested 2 months from date of check out.

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Writing from Life: Telling Your Soul?s Story--Wittig

Writing as a Way of Healing: Telling Our Stories Transforms Our Lives--DeSalvo

What If? Writing Exercises for Fiction Writers --Bernays

Writing down the Bones: Freeing the Writer within--Goldberg

An Apple for My Teacher--Rubin

The Art of Fiction--Gardner

The Art of the Novel--Kundera

The Best Writing on Writing--Heffron

Can You Find It?--McCutcheion

Discovering the Writer within--Ballenger

Families Writing--Stillman

Fiction Writer?s Workshop--Novakovich

Handbook of Short Story Writing--Writers Digest

How to Write Non-Fiction That Sells--Rockwell

Improving Your Writing Skills--Wapps

In Praise of What Persists--Berg

Knowing Where to Look, the Ultimate Guide to Research--Horowitz

Making Shapely Fiction--Stern

Maybe You Should Write a Book--Daigh

The New Diary--Rainier

Novel Writing-The Marshall Plan--Marshall

One Writer?s Beginnings--Welty

Personal Fiction Writing--Willis

Poetry and the Age--Jarrell

Reading and Writing--Davies

Self-Editing for Fiction Writers--Brown

Techniques in Fiction--MaCauley

Thinking Through Writing--Horton

Writer?s Time--Atchity

Writing from Life--Albert

Writing from the Center--Sanders

Writing from Within--Selling

Writing for Your Life--Metzger

Writing in General and the Short Story in Particular--Hills

The Writing Life--Dillard

Writers on Writing--Winokur

Writers on Writing--New York Times

Writers on Writing--Pack

Writing the Blockbuster Novel--Zuckerman

Writing the Memoir--Barrington

Writing the Natural Way--Rico

Writing to Learn--Zinsser

Writing Your Life--Stanek

Your Life Story--Rainier

Facts on File--Manser

The Year You Wrote Your Novel--Mosley

Word Watchers Handbook--Martin

Ideas and Patterns for Writing--Spotts


Negotiating with the Dead--Atwood

Read to Write--Murray

The Historical Novel--Lukacs

Writing Past Dark--Friedman

Writing with Style--Trimble

Crafting Scenes--Obstfeld

Creating Plot--Dovis

Art of Styling Sentences--Waddell

Writing for Children--Wooley

How to Write a Children?s Book and get it Published--Peuling

Novel Writers Tool Kit--Mayer

Elements of Style--Stunk & White

Complete Book of Screenwriting==Strucznski

Elements of Grammar--Shertzer


Handbook for Magazine Article Writing--Greene

Writing Well--Hall

Elements of Editing--Plonik

Guide to Getting Published--Boswell

The Practical Writer--Elben


You Can Write a Mystery--Roberts

Common Phrases--Murdock

Making a Novelist--Kreeswirth

Writing a Book Proposal--Schneider

Foreign Words and Phrases--Newman

Armed and Dangerous--Newton

Everyday Usage of English--Burton

Plot Outlines of 101 Best Novels--Barnes & Noble

Writers Handbook--McKernan

Guide to Better Writing--Flesch

2500 Anecdotes for All Occasions--Fuller

Never Drink a Molotov Cocktail--Schall

They Have a Word for It--Rheingold

Eats, Shouts and Leaves--Truss

Screen Writing for Dummies--Schellhaidt

Powerful Writing Skills--Andersen

The Travel Writer's Handbook--Zobel

Unlocking the Secrets of Your Childhood Memories--Leman

Voices on Writing Fiction--Detroit Women Writers

Walking on Alligators--Shaughnessy

The Weekend Novelist--Ray

Well Tempered Sentences--Gordon

Fitzgerald Did It--Waltz

Everything Writing Well Book--Hahn

Allyn and Bacon Guide to Writing--Ramage

Basic Grammar--Choy

How to Write Romances--Pianka

Write Tight--Brohaugh

Manual for Writers and Editors--Webster